Studies Find That Recess is a Good Thing

This fall, children in Orange County, Florida schools will be having a pleasant re-addition to their school day: recess.

Are Gifted and Talented Students Being Left Behind?

In our efforts to get students caught up, are we squelching the abilities and interests of our best and brightest students?

You Are What You Tweet

A Week in the Twitter Life of a Teachers' Union President

Apprenticeships: A Safer Bet?

Chances are you’ve seen an infographic showing the huge return on investment that a college degree offers.

Survey Shows That Parents Aren’t Dumb

Among schools choice opponents, a prejudice exists which suggests that parents don’t have the ability to determine which type of school best fits their children’s needs.

To Become Educated, One Must Suffer

One of the best pieces of educational advice I’ve heard in recent months didn’t come from a book or a talk about education. It came from a film about wine.

Classical Education Middle School Reading Lists

Classical education is noted for a reading curriculum which uses classic, challenging texts to present a wide range of historical periods in an entertaining manner.

Should We Stop Segregating Students By Age?

Almost everyone knows that racial segregation in schools officially ended with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. What many might not know is that another form of educational segregation began several decades before the Brown decision, when schools started separating students by age.

What Makes Education "Classical"?

Have you ever heard the phrase “classical education”? Mentioning it generally brings either glazed over eyes or a vague, “Isn’t that the curriculum method homeschool overachievers follow?”

Small Schools = Increased Success?

From time to time, we at Better Ed have noted the consolidation trend in school districts across America. In Minnesota, for example, the number of school districts has declined from 7,607 districts in 1947 to 328 today.