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Parents or the State: Who is the Primary Educator?

If parents are the primary educators of their children, why not trust them to choose  the form of education which will set their child on the path to success?

Parents Have a Right to Choose… the School to Which Their Child is Assigned

Should parents be able to choose if they want to move their child to another school within the public system?

Why do People Want Educational Freedom?

Take a look at the following charts from the Department of Education. Then ask, “Where would you prefer to send your child?”

Half of Public School Parents Would Rather Enroll Their Child Elsewhere

Do you agree with the majority of Americans that school funding should follow the child so that parents are able to send him or her to the school of their choice?

Coming Soon to a State Near You?

Because ESAs are such a wonderful opportunity, many parents are asking if they are available in their state.

Public Education According to Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s idea of public education is a far cry from the system we currently have. So how did this revered Founder envision public education?

5 Tips for Choosing the Right School

We promote school choice in part because we think that parents – not teachers, and certainly not educational administrators and publicly elected school boards – can best determine what their children need in terms of education.

The New Kid on the School Choice Block

It’s National School Choice week, and chances are you’ve heard of vouchers, charters, and tax credits – all three well-known forms of school choice. But have you heard about the latest – and probably the most creative – form of school choice?

Secrets of a Successful Charter School

One of the top education stories of 2014 revolved around New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s attempt to shut down several Success Academy Charter Schools. People across the nation – including New York’s governor – spoke out against the move...

Homework Burnout?

“Mom! My teacher gives me too much homewooork. I can’t dooo it because I’m too tiiired!”

It’s a funny thing, but does it seem like more parents are joining their children in such a complaint in recent years? It does to me.