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For many, learning to say NO to too many good things can be difficult!

Stress-Busting Tips for Your Teens

Is your teen feeling stressed out?

Setting Teens up for Wise Decision-Making

Before offering your own opinion about their decisions, ask them to give you their own thoughts first.

America Needs More of These Skilled Workers

Is it a smarter choice to choose apprenticeship over college?

6 Things to Talk about with Your Teen before College

Many of us have children who are about to leave our homes and head off to college or the workforce for the first time. Most people are uncomfortable with change, especially big ones like this.

New York Times: Apprenticeships are a Path to the Middle Class

In the U.S., college is increasingly held up as the only way to a successful, middle class life. As a result, many students, parents, and teachers have been trained to avoid the idea of apprenticeship like the plague.

Oxford Students Can't Write Either

Writing ability has gone to pot in America.

Apprenticeships: A Safer Bet?

Chances are you’ve seen an infographic showing the huge return on investment that a college degree offers.

High School Grads: Then & Now

Some years ago I had the opportunity to meet with the now former-CEO of a publicly traded technology company. He told me his story and it was fascinating.

Apprenticeship or College?

If you're like me, the word "apprentice" conjures up fond childhood memories of reading about Johnny Tremain and his ill-fated silversmith training.