Good inward qualities that produce right action.

Oct. 7 Webinar: Character in Education

Three educators will discuss their views and experiences on character education.

The Importance of Strong Character in Children

When your child leaves your home, his or her values WILL be tested.

Family Pets: A Series on Character-Building (and a book giveaway for MomThink readers!)

Parents often overlook the many opportunities for rich lessons that appear while caring for pets.

Harness the Power of Words

One powerful character lesson for our kids is to only say things about others we wouldn’t mind them overhearing.

What We’re Giving Up by Abandoning Community

Has the loss of community caused us to also lose our concern for others?

Learning from a Little Princess

Just reading isn’t enough. What the child is reading matters.

Character Education: Should More Schools Be Providing It?

The general public seems to believe so.

Helping Kids Develop Their Conscience

In a cultural climate where “values” are often measured on a slippery scale of personal taste, convenience, self-gratification, and “tolerance,” kids can get into real trouble when they dismiss the caution signals.

Mighty Oaks

The storm may be upon us, but if we work the soil and plant the seeds today there will be hope for tomorrow.