Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

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I recently ran across an article in the Huffington Post entitled Teachers Who Leave The Classroom Seem To Be A Lot Happier At Their New Jobs. I read the article thinking it would simply claim that teachers were leaving the education field in droves.

Instead, I found an interesting chart:


This chart explained that a majority of teachers were leaving the profession because of retirement, an unsurprising fact as the Baby Boomer generation hits 65.

What surprised me more, however, was that many teachers were simply leaving their job for another one in the field of education. In fact, nearly 30% of teachers were simply transferring to administrative or support positions within the school district - and were generally happier in those new positions.

Such a statistic simply highlights the fact of our ever-growing education bureaucracy, which has increased by 702% since the mid-20th century.

Common sense tells us that a bunch of people clustered at the top of a ladder will cause it to collapse. In the same manner, an education system that is growing heavier on administration by in part taking trained teachers out of the classroom probably isn't a sustainable model for the future.

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