Using Lessons from Mike Rowe to Minimize Chore Complaints

It had been a long rough morning.
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It had been a long rough morning. So rough in fact that I sent 10 kids back to bed to start over before we even had breakfast. Some days are just like that.

One son, who holds the job of table setter and kitchen cleaner, was going for his second or third time around the mountain with some of his work that was... inferior in quality. He came to the table with a dejected orphan look that whimpered of sullen self pity.

For the record, I hate self pity.

Loathe it.

Did I mention I can't stand self-pity?

I did? Oh good.

Anyhow, I went the route of listing a dozen different things to be thankful for...a mother and father that love him, a lovely bed, clean bathroom, and several food choices for breakfast. Still he gave me the half whiny answers and I was frustrated. So I promised my little gang of merry men that if they finished their schoolwork on time and made a decent lunch, I would let them watch this really funny show that would teach them to be grateful for the work they had to do in our home.

Lunchtime came and as soon as everyone was mostly finished we began the “show.”

Mike Rowe, thank you. Your special on the dirtiest jobs had my boys thoroughly convinced in less than ten minutes that kitchen duty in our little house is a wonderful job indeed. Less than three minutes in, and the eight-year-old walks up saying he will never again complain about the kitchen. The nine-year-old says he loves bathroom duty and promises to sing as he cleans from now on. And the sullen little kitchen helper cleaned the kitchen after lunch with the biggest smile saying, "Hey, it's not a basement with a poop explosion! I love my job!"

Lesson folks? Some days are tougher than others, and that's fine. Some days need a start over. But if all your best efforts fail, try to be creative in showing your children how great they really have it. I've been known to use YouTube to teach them about the less fortunate and show them their blessings or teach them lessons that mere words sometimes can just not accomplish. Whatever it takes, y'all. Whatever it takes.

Lyette and her husband of 23 years, David, have 16 children. Their ten daughters and six sons range from 20-years-old to newborn. With Lyette's vast experiences in parenting, she loves to offer hope and help to families on her website Lyette is also the author of Please God Don’t Let Me Screw This Up: Hope & Help from a Mom of Fifteen

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It had been a long rough morning.