Study Finds Big Bird Just as Good as Preschool

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States are getting set to spend millions on preschool expansion in the hopes of better preparing children for kindergarten.

As it turns out, flipping on PBS is a cheaper and much less expensive alternative.

A University of Maryland study has found that Sesame Street “has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of American children — benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool,” according to a Washington Post article.

The article goes on: “The paper from the University of Maryland’s Melissa Kearney and Wellesley College’s Phillip Levine finds that the show has left children more likely to stay at the appropriate grade level for their age, an effect that is particularly pronounced among boys, African Americans and children who grow up in disadvantaged areas.”

Interestingly, “Several outside researchers have reviewed the study, and none are known to have questioned its results.”

We’re not big fans of plopping kids in front of the TV, but if the alternative is unnecessarily spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for the same result, we’ll take the hour of Big Bird a day.

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