It Depends on the "Education"

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We were told that giving more people a college education would help improve their earning potential and quality of life. 

But we now have a nation of people suffering with over $1 trillion in student loan debt.

We were told that sexual education would help curb the incidence of STDs and out-of-wedlock births.

But we now treat 110 million STDs in America each year, and have a 41% out-of-wedlock birthrate.

We were told that education would help cure poverty.

But 35% of Americans are now on welfare, and students in poverty are still 5-7 times as likely to drop out of school.

We were told that a centralized education system would produce a more unified populace.

But now 7 in 10 Americans say we're divided on the most important values.

We were told that more education would make people happier.

But now, 1 in 5 American adults takes antidepressants.

We were told that education is the answer to all of society’s woes.

But “education” is much more than simply running people through the process of school.

It’s a matter of what schools teach.

It’s a matter of how parents raise their children.

It’s a matter of the choices students make.

It’s not just a structure, but a body of knowledge and a way of life.

Education can truly help make America great.

But it depends on what you mean by “education.”