An Educational Bargain

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If you’re like me, nothing is more delightful than to get a quality product for a significant savings. In fact, saving 80 bucks on that perfect Ralph Lauren shirt or getting 65% off of a Coach purse often makes me delight in the product even more!

So what if we applied this principle to education? If you were told that your child could have a high-quality education at a significant savings to taxpayers, would you take it? My guess is that you would.

It’s for this reason that I found the following chart interesting. It takes the 10 measurable voucher programs in existence through the 2010-2011 school year and tracks the savings they produced. The results speak for themselves:



A savings of nearly $325 million may seem like peanuts when compared to the huge amount of money we spend on education each year. But we have to realize that this is only measuring 10 programs, many of which are focused on a small number of special education and impoverished children. If we were to extend voucher programs like these to more children, the savings would proliferate. On top of that, parents would have more freedom to choose the education they know would be best for their child, whether it be public, private, charter, or home.

Savings + quality in education? Now that’s an equation that should make all bargain hunters happy!

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