Does Target Listen to Concerns About Modesty?

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Do you remember last September when one mom wrote an open letter to Target over their selection of shorts for little girls? Her request to the store was simple: please provide more modest clothing options for me to buy for my daughters.

Her request hit a nerve and soon the story was all over the internet, with many mothers joining in the clamor for Target to sell more modest clothing for little girls.

Fast forward to June of this year when another mom posted the following photo on Twitter:

It too went viral, with over 3,000 people re-tweeting the image.

These stories are quite similar, but they have one major difference: Target seems to have listened to one mother, but not the other.

Last week Target announced that it would be eliminating many references to gender, particularly in regards to toys and children’s bedding. The Huffington Post directly linked this move to Abi Bechtel’s viral photograph.

However, while Target at first seemed to reach out to Stephanie Giese, the mother who requested more modest clothing from Target, their interaction with her seemed to die out. According to an update she posted back in April, mothers from around the country are still sending her pictures of Target clothing selections which suggest that Target hasn’t really made an effort to make clothing in the girls section more modest.

Moms, does this trouble you? Perhaps it’s time to revive the #ModestMavens hashtag that Stephanie started last fall to request that Target listen to our concerns about modesty.

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