Dealing with the Loss of a Little One

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A couple of years ago, I had a close friend announce that she was expecting twins! With great delight, she, her husband, and their friends began preparing for their arrival.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Her water broke at 23 weeks and she was rushed to the hospital. She hung on for another week before giving birth to a sweet little boy and girl – who each weighed hardly more than a pound.

Through much prayer and care, her little ones pulled through and are living active toddler lives today!

But not every story turns out this way. Many mothers deliver early – through no fault of their own – and their little ones are unable to hang on to life for more than a few hours.

Such was the case with Amanda Smith, whose little boy, Robby, lived only two hours after his birth at 23 weeks.

Amanda’s little boy wore a baby hat – several sizes too big for him – during his few hours of life. That little hat has been a comforting reminder for Amanda to cling to during times when the loss was particularly painful. In memory of him, Amanda started “Project Robby,” a program which collects tiny baby hats and blankets for babies which are born too soon. For those interested in making items to donate to “Project Robby” click here.

Have you ever lost a little one, or had a baby born prematurely? Life is precious and the loss of it is extremely painful – particularly to mothers. Amanda Smith has used her sorrow to reach out to others – have you found any other particularly helpful ways to deal with motherly pain and loss?

Image Credit: Pixabay