Achieving Maturity

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"The basic purpose of education is to achieve maturity… Without maturity there can be no wisdom, no insight, no judgment, no compassion; nor can there be any real understanding of oneself, of other human beings or of the great questions of our time.”

That and more was published by Tiffany & Co. in roughly the late 1970s or the very early 1980s. I only know about it because my father cut out the ad and taped it to the second volume (dated 1981) of a five-volume journal he wrote to me which I only recently discovered.

The full ad is pictured below. It is quite timely given the recent graduation season and the problems plaguing education today. 

A lot could be said about the fact that many of the graduates whom Tiffany & Co. worried about thirty or more years ago are the ones running the show today. A lot could be said about today’s general lack of maturity and our current societal woes. A lot could be said about whether or not any company today would be willing and able to so eloquently write about education. And a lot more could be said about what today’s establishment claims as the purposes of education.

Over the years, though, I've learned that more often than not a diamond’s beauty should simply be left to sparkle on its own. So it is with this ad.

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