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Dennis Trittin's Blog

Do We Need to Give Kids More Opportunities to Enjoy Nature?

It reminds us all that the world doesn’t revolve our lives and our schedules.

Teaching Kids to Count Their Blessings

Have you tried the "three blessing" exercise?

Helping Kids Be Good Time Managers

Do you view time as a precious asset and focus on your most important priorities?

Are You Giving Your Kids Time to Slow Down and Think?

Children and teens today are VERY busy.

8 Ways to Communicate You Care

Relationships are enduring—things are not.

Stress-Busting Tips for Your Teens

Is your teen feeling stressed out?

Building Positive Relationship Capital with Kids

Your kids may be just like you. Or, they may be completely the opposite. Both scenarios present challenges, and it’s easy to misunderstand one another and hit bumps in your relationship.

Help Your Kids Recognize Media Bias

Now that election season seems already to be underway (sigh), media bias has never more apparent.

The Importance of Strong Character in Children

When your child leaves your home, his or her values WILL be tested.

4 Ways to Parent with Purpose

Children enter this world pre-wired and pre-packaged with parts that will require some guided assembly by their caregivers. Having a well-defined game plan for your parenting will make all the difference in the world.