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Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Saying ‘NO’

For many, learning to say NO to too many good things can be difficult!

Are You Setting a Good Example for Your Kids?

Walking our own talk makes it more likely that when our kids leave home, they will walk theirs.

Avoiding Helicopter Parenting

The parent role is an evolving one. In fact, our goal should be to eventually work ourselves out of a job!

When to Start Treating Your Kids Like Grownups

“You treat me like a kid.”

“Because you act like one!”

Setting Teens up for Wise Decision-Making

Before offering your own opinion about their decisions, ask them to give you their own thoughts first.

What You Need to Know about Teens and Their Friends

I have often remarked that in their teen years, my daughters seemed to change friends more often than they changed clothes! As it turned out, these times were just a phase.

Give Them Wings, Not Strings

Do you know how to train your children to launch out on their own?

Parents: Your Voice is More Powerful than You Think

Statistics support the idea that, despite appearances to the contrary, parents are still the number one influencers in a young person’s life.

When Helping Is Hurting: What NOT to Do for Your Kids

In a genuine effort to help our kids be happy and successful, sometimes we do things that actually work against our objectives.

Parenting is a Team Sport

Doug and I joke all the time that parenting is a “team sport”—and our team extends beyond ourselves as Mom and Dad.