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Bethany Miller's Blog

Have We Lost the Art of Conversation?

Here are a few tips that any child, regardless of age, can practice at home to become a better conversationalist.

Bringing Respect Back to the Phone

Does your child know these 4 simple telephone manners?

Effectively Combatting Mealtime Media

Are iPads and cell phones your family's dinner guests all too often?

Manners Minute: Making Cleanliness a Priority

Here are several hygiene manners to encourage your children to practice in order to keep themselves and those around them as healthy as possible this school year!

Manners Minute: Bus Manners = Safe Students

Do you know how to ensure that your child is one of the most polite riders on the big yellow bus?

Manners Minute: Back-to-School Conversation Skills

As a parent you want your child to stand out in the classroom as kind-hearted, mannerly, and friendly. These traits often result from good conversation skills.

Manners Minute: Opening Doors for Others

Are your children alert to this courteous act of kindness?

Manners Minute: Interrupting

Ever had an important conversation rudely interrupted by, "Mom. Mom! MOM!!!"?! Here's how to avoid that scenario.

Manners Minute: Teaching the Magic Words

We all love to hear children say “thank you” or “please” without prompting, but unfortunately, these words will often only come when children REALLY want something.

Manners Minute: Introductions and Handshakes

Do you ever wish your children had the confidence to introduce themselves to others and know the right way to give a proper handshake?