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Tamara Rajakariar's Blog

Single Mothers by Choice

Women are getting sick of waiting and are taking matters into their own hands, with potentially negative consequences.

How to know if you’re over-parenting

Parenting should beware of extremes and strive for a healthy balance between guiding kids and allowing them to flourish freely.

Gen Y needs to learn to switch off

I think it is possible to live a busy life and not get stressed! Here are my three pointers...

The more you connect, the less you connect

So we often talk about kids and young people are addicted to their smartphones. But what about you, parents?

Feminine beauty that endures the ages

What is it about women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly that makes them truly iconic? What is it about them and their images that keep them so renowned, recognised and relevant even years after they were alive?