5 Schools That Are Approaching Education Differently, Part 2

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MomThink recently highlighted 3 education programs that are approaching educational challenges in their area in unique and effective ways. Today, we are introducing you to 2 more.

4. Lumin

Concerned about the state of Lutheran inner-city schools, a group of business people and education experts formed the Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative in 2002. LUMIN’s mission involves reviving failing inner-city faith-based schools and reshaping them in a sustainable way (often converting them into charter schools). The LUMIN central office allows all of their member schools to benefit from streamlined administration and support services so that the teachers and principals can focus on the classrooms. LUMIN also has a number of partnerships with faith-based colleges that allow young teachers-in-training to gain valuable urban teaching experience.

5. AltSchool

When a group of entrepreneurs, technologists, and passionate educators set out to apply venture capitalist thinking to education challenges, AltSchool was born. The curriculum leans heavily on digital tools to personalize each child’s educational experience and to cater to individual learning needs. Instructors collaborate closely with parents to create a personalized learning plan for each child in AltSchool micro-schools scattered on the East and West coasts. Although AltSchool presents a techy, Silicon Valley-like vibe, the ultimate goal is to reach under-served students through efficiently designed, personalized learning environments.

6. Your school.

MomThink wants to hear from you. How is your child’s school (or a friend’s school) uniquely approaching challenges in education and adding to the conversation about the futures of American students? We want to know! Post in the comments below and your school could be highlighted.

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