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Lyette Reback's Blog

Five Tips For a Great Delivery Day

Having a baby is a joyful, exciting, and wondrous time! And once you hold that new baby in your arms, the world will never be the same again.

3 Tips on Dealing with a Picky Eater

A few simple tricks that will hopefully stop mommy from becoming a short order cook.

Using Lessons from Mike Rowe to Minimize Chore Complaints

It had been a long rough morning.

Making a Young Man Out of a Boy

Even a young boy can be taught how to treat a lady.

Daddy Diaper Duty

My husband David throws down a challenge to all the new dads we meet.

Should Children Learn to be Responsible for Others?

In life, we are rarely ever responsible for only ourselves.

Where To Not Go For Advice

Moms, be careful where you go to get your information. You will have countless questions. People will have endless opinions.

A Sure Key to Building A Confident Kid

A dad who "roughhouses" is vital!

The Importance of Date Night

Date nights are still possible even in seasons of financial constraints, time restraints, and many of life's other ups and downs!

Does This Dress Make Me Look Big?

Tact is something we have to role play with our children.