About Us

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MomThink is a group dedicated to providing encouragement, support, and ideas to the women who shape and mold the next generation.

In a society that’s increasingly fast-paced and confusing, it’s a daily battle to raise our kids to be responsible and upright individuals. Because we believe that the family is the foundation of society, MomThink seeks to be a voice of encouragement to help moms (and dads!) form the hearts and minds of their children. By drawing on the millennia-old traditions and ideas of Western Civilization, we hope to help you change the culture from the inside out: first the family, then the nation.

Frustrated with the education your child is receiving? Eager for ideas on how to raise respectful and obedient children? Need encouragement to see through the daily grind of dishes, laundry, and whiny kids? Come join our growing community of 600,000 moms as we share thoughtful and practical insights and ideas to help one another raise our nation’s next generation of leaders!


Changing culture from the inside out.