Annie Holmquist's Blog

Annie Holmquist's Blog

Is Obedience more important than Creativity?

Companies want creative people.  Are schools helping produce creative kids?

Amazing Christmas Love Letter Written from a Nazi Prison

Can Christmas still be a wonderful time even when we’ve been stripped of comfort, happiness, and freedom?

Turns Out That Students Like Real Books, Not Electronic Ones

Interestingly, real books actually help children learn better as well.

Americans Don’t Even Know How to Make Their Own Food Anymore

"Less than 60% of dinners eaten at home are cooked there."

Have Feminists Thrown Away Their Best Opportunity for Influence?

Has the feminist quest to control and exert influence on the future only resulted in throwing away the best opportunity for influence that any person – male or female – will ever have?

The Great TV Alternative

Many parents have this problem. They know that an excessive amount of electronics is unhealthy for a child, but they fall back on them as a babysitter because they simply don’t have the time or hands to continually watch and train their child.

Is It Better for Kids When Their Parents Are Married?

Despite changing cultural norms, research suggests it is.

Study: Children Are Less Hyperactive When They Start School at Later Ages

The last decade has seen a rapid rise of ADHD diagnoses in the U.S.

Are Long Distance Commutes Damaging to Families?

Many no longer bat an eye over the fact that their commute to the office could take an hour each way.

Should U.S. Students Get More Exercise and Playtime Like Those in Finland?

Play is a natural desire for kids, after all.