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A Week in the Twitter Life of a Teachers' Union President
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Social media has taken away a lot of work from us.

It used to be that you had to carefully read between the lines to discover someone’s priorities. Now you can just tally up their social media posts to discover them.

Out of curiosity, we decided to look back at a week in the Twitter life of Randi Weingarten. She is president of the American Federation for Teachers (AFT), the country’s second largest teachers’ union. According to her Twitter posts from the week of February 23-March 2, here’s what she is most concerned about:

Teachers’ unions often claim that in acting for the best interests of teachers, they’re also acting in the best interests of students and parents. In AFT’s mission statement, they also claim to champion the cause of “high-quality public education.” 

Yet, as you can see above, Weingarten barely mentioned students, parents, or quality education in her numerous posts on Twitter last week. 

This snapshot of Weingarten's Twitter feed supports what othershave come to suspect: that teachers' unions have become too political, too partisan, and have lost sight of what's most important. It also supports what should be an obvious point, namely, that teachers' unions represent teachers; not students, not parents.

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A Week in the Twitter Life of a Teachers' Union President