Survey Shows That Parents Aren’t Dumb

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Among schools choice opponents, a prejudice exists which suggests that parents don’t have the ability to determine which type of school best fits their children’s needs.

But a recent survey from the Center for Reinventing Public Education contradicts this prejudice.

Surveying a representative population in seven major U.S. cities, the survey asked parents about their experiences with public school choice. The results show that most parents choose a particular school because of academic quality.

The following chart details the race and ethnicity of the parents surveyed:

Our society needs to have more faith in parents. They aren’t dumb.They know that a high-quality education will give their children a successful future and they are doing their best to find a school which offers such a product.

Instead of worrying about whether parents have the wherewithal to choose wisely, we need to concern ourselves with providing enough high-quality options for parents to choose from.