Shopping... with Children!

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Have you noticed lately how many children in the store are sitting in the cart with some sort of electronic device? I rarely go out to Target, Costco, or even the DMV without seeing kids plugged in on the go.

Now, I am no parenting expert. I do have five kids, but my husband and I would be the first to tell you we are far from perfect in raising them.

However, I know that I want my kids to be able to do basic tasks without needing or demanding to be being entertained. While I understand that it's difficult sometimes to make it through the store without incident, are we doing our kids a huge disservice by not even letting them learn to experience some less-than-entertaining parts of life, like grocery shopping, waiting in line at the DMV, etc.?

Not everything in life is entertaining, or even fun.

Kids however, when given the chance, are incredibly entertaining. Maybe we should all put down our phones and talk to our kids while we're doing all the "to do's."

We should also teach them that life isn't always entertaining, but, if we enjoy the company of those around us, even the less-preferred tasks can be endured, if not enjoyed.

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