Manners Minute: Bus Manners = Safe Students

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Over 1 million children in the United States ride the bus to school every year and there is a good chance your child is one of them. Do you know how to ensure that your child is one of the most polite riders on the big yellow bus?

As a mom, you want your child to have a fabulous school experience this year. These simple Manners for the School Bus will equip your child with the skills they need to start each day with a smooth ride!

Putting it into practice:

SSafe: Look both ways to walk safely when near the bus.
CCaring: Be caring to those waiting and riding the bus with you by acknowledging them with a friendly smile.
HHello: Give a friendly greeting to the bus driver each time you ride.
OOn: Stay on your seat when the bus is moving!
OOut: Keep your backpack out of the aisle so that you and others won’t trip over it.
LLeave: Leave your hands in your lap and not in your neighbor’s personal space.

BBe: Be courteous to all by not clowning around or shouting.
UUse: Use good listening skills when the driver is speaking.
SSay: Remember to say “thank you” as you exit.

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Bethany Miller is the founder and director of Doors of Success School of Etiquette. A graduate of the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia and licensed by the renowned Protocol School of Washington, Ms. Miller is a teacher passionately seeking to encourage a revival of kindness and politeness in American society. For more etiquette tips, check out her course offerings and follow Doors of Success on Facebook!